Black and White

Sneaker, Stripes, Shoelaces


The Balcony

Closed For the Hanging

On Break


The Dingle

The Old Soda Shoppe

Miss Lonely Hearts

To Sleep Perchance to Dream

Along Came A Spider

Up the Down Stairs

Closing Time

After the Rain

No Exit

The Old House

Finding Your Way

Life on the Rocks

Gone Bye-Bye

The Oracle

Woman Under Glass


Singular Petal

Santorini Volcanic Rim (canvas) 

Amish Fields (canvas)

Athens Street Market

Victoria Falls Overview (canvas)

Leaves of Grass (canvas)

Smokey Mountain Morning (canvas)

Winter's Touch (canvas)

Random Moments

Odalisque (canvas)

Splash (canvas)

Road Block (canvas)

Georgia on My Mind (canvas)

Ain't Nothing But a Hound Dog

The Waiting

By the Sea

Through the Screen Door





Senior Class